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          ZHONGSHAN SUNRISE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. It is a state-level commercial enterprise approved by the Zhongshan Administration for Industry and Commerce. The business license registration number is [914420003383340679]. The company was founded in early 2009 and continues to grow and develop in the trend of reform. We continue to sum up experience, explore and develop a unique and mature product andprocess, and cultivate a group of high-quality enterprise backbone, which makes the company enjoy a good reputation in the metal products and promotional gifts industry. The company's marketing is connected to all over the world, and it is also the international purchasing agent of many foreign companies in China. We have a strong supply source, diversified supply projects, and can provide services for long-term stable supply, as well as deal with customer requests for urgent delivery.
           At the beginning of the company's establishment, it mainly engaged in hardware gifts, craft promotional items and golf club accessories. Over the past ten years, with the rapid and stable development of the business, the company has also achieved remarkable results in the field of loader parts. The supply parts cover a wide range, including: hydraulic motors, engines, oil caps, water pump assemblies, and full car mats. , cylinder bolts, oil pumps, reducer assemblies, steering gears, brake assemblies, wheel ring gears, etc.
           ZHONGSHAN SUNRISE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. has professional technology and rich experience in product processing, quality control, goods procurement, international trade, including customs clearance, commodity inspection, cargo transportation and insurance.

    About Us
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    Address:  No.21, Yuhe Street, Hengweivillage,  East District, Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, China
    TEL.: +0086 - 0760 - 8830 8987
    Ph.:  +0086 - 180 8884 8577
    ATTN:  Yang